Peonies & Places

Peonies & Places

Good Afternoon,

“I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way” – Albert Camus

This is technically my first post, but I have already started posting on Instagram.  Peonies  & Places was truly inspired by the quote above.  Like a lot of mid-late twenty-something year olds, I’m a tad lost.  I want big and exciting change, but I currently don’t have the wallet or everything in place to get there.  I’ve always been obsessed with travel, culture, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, science etc… so here is where I can combine all of them.  Sometime next year my budgeting should work where I will finally be able to live abroad in London and get to travel to other amazing destinations on the weekends.  Any advice for living in London is welcome, as well as travel tips.  Also, I do want this to be more of a visual blog because let’s be honest I only look at pictures.  Does anyone else do the same?

Cheers to the random, beautiful and interesting posts to come.


Much Love xx

Peonies & Places



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