Tuesday is for Tea?

Tuesday is for Tea?

Good Morning,

Hope you’re as happy as I am to get one day closer to Friday.  To continue pepping myself up for moving abroad next year, I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite places I have been or always wanted to go.  First one I’d like to feature is the ULTIMATE tea hotspot in London

e n  t  e  r


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image by peoniesandplaces.com

It might of been a dreary afternoon when I stumbled into sketch… honestly I just needed a place to hide from the abnormal downpour (seriously)  All my rainy blues were put aside after taking a glance down the colorful and Alice & Wonderland themed restaurant.  I followed the hopscotch into the rabbit hole of fantasyland.


IMG_6902 2

image by peoniesandplaces.com

Poof!  I even ran into the Queen who seemed to be sleeping in her fur coat and jewels, a likeminded lady.  Except she can nap whenever she wants.


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Then I pushed a door open to this warm pink and copper room to waiters who sat ushered me to my solo table.


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**Speechless**  and this is JUST the beginning.

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I was placed in another colorful room full of emerald hues, golden silk detail and purple velvet.  Is this heaven? I ordered plenty of food but only have proof of (the most important) my Oolong Tea.  If I was here with a friend it would of been perfect to literally     #spillthetea together!

After divulging in many trays of food and cups of perfect tea I ran to the bathroom.


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image by peoniesandplaces.com

Yes.  These were the loos.

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Well, almost all of them were open to use.  After leaving the fantasy of a bathroom, I walked around the whole place on a high.  On my way out I stumbled across some more magic.

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image by peoniesandplaces.com

Be careful, you might get lost in there forever and not want to come out.  This is a must-do for any first time tourists or just a great spot to chat with your besties.  I’ll be back sketch xoxo

Their website for hours & operations:  http://sketch.london

Address:  sketch
9 conduit street
London W1S 2XG



Cheers xx

Peonies & Places



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