The Parisian Breakfast

Oh the Parisian breakfast… 🥐☕️ What a way to start your day, seems like that guy wants it too.  This photo is the first of many to come of my inner color story.  I’ve finally found a way to manipulate the copper, rusty, fawn-like, autumn hues into the pictures of my dreamland.  Follow this blog to see more, but to see the first time their posted check out and follow my Instagram

“Paris in the early morning has a cheerful, bustling aspect, a promise of delicious things to come, a positive smell of coffee and croissants, quite peculiar to itself. The people welcome a new day as if they were certain of liking it, the shopkeepers pull up their blinds serene in the expectation of good trade, the workers go happily to their work, the people who have sat up all night in night-clubs go happily to their rest, the orchestra of motor-car horns, of clanking trams, of whistling policemen tunes up for the daily symphony, and everywhere is joy.”

– Nancy Mitford, The Nancy Mitford Omnibus


image by peoniesandplaces


Enjoy your coffee xx

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