The First of Many Thoughts



It’s come to my attention that part of my blog can offer something more than what to wear and where togo. I’d like to divulge more into a in-depth approach to being a female in her late twenties in the current climate we are living in. There are a variety of topics I want to cover, my list keeps on getting longer. Not every topic is oh-so-serious but I’m currently drafting themes of feminism, what I incorporated into my life to cope with depression and anxiety, the life of an influencer, why you should be happy being alone, expert sales and marketing strategies, what I learned working with children to the biggest companies in America. Also, other posts with be more lighthearted dealing with top places togo, eat at and best for photo ops in New York, London, Paris etc. Additionally some will cover my strong love for fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

These blog posts will be listed and tagged under Think Pieces and I can’t wait to start sharing them with you all!

Hope you are having a pleasant day.

Lots of Love!




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