Mona Lisa Winks

acs_0343When riding the train from Saint Pancras Station to Paris I was surprised upon how neat and tidy the train cars were. Traveling from London I felt like I was arriving at a mini airport when I got to St. Pancras. In America we never have to show our Passport in order to get to Washington DC to New York, etc. But taking out my passport to take a 2.5 hour train ride was odd. But the train had an amazing drink cart for anyone who wanted to grab a drink or snack at the bar. Unfortunately I was stuck on the window side which was good for viewing but terrible for getting out of my seat and do anything since the male stranger next to me was rather large and fell immediately asleep.

At one point I had to wake him up because I had togo to the bathroom and couldn’t wait. (I can never wait) When I walked into the train stall it had this cheeky picture of Mona Lisa on the wall, who was winking. I thought that was very playful and got me even more excited for Paris. It reminded me that my uncomfortable journey would soon be over and I could walk out into the parisian streets and skip a long my merry way.

Where to catch the train from London to Paris:
St Pancras International Railway Station

It was all worth it, and this bathroom break was one I’ll never forget.






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