A Parisian Inspired Picnic

acs_0573 One year and couple of weeks ago today I was basking in the hot parisian, with a bottle of sancerre white wine next to me (and same bottle pictured I brought back) and buttery pastry in hand. This past weekend I tried to recreate the my picnic that I had under the Eiffel Tower. I brought some other essentials with me such as the La Colombe coffee, aesthetically pleasing flowers, ASOS “bonjour” bag, still life looking fruit, Paris tourist book and Forever 21 purse.


It was so sunny that day I was happy I had my three pairs of ILYMix sunglasses with me to choose from. I got the Campo, Cape and Haala style from them. ILYMix has allowed me to give my followers a discount on their own sunglasses (it expires July 21st!) so get them while you can. Here’s my referral link to get your own ILYMix sunnies.



Hope you’re having a good week!


Lots of Love,



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