Marché Vernaison

One of the coolest places I’ve ever been to in Paris is the @marchevernaison ✨👡 it’s a #fleamarket on the edge of Paris, literally the last stop on the metro. I found so many life long trinkets there It was mainly closing up as you can see in the picture when I got there. There was a shop their open that had an assortment of small treasures and I dug through baskets and baskets of jewelry to find a few pieces that I’ll cherish forever.

“Find Marché Vernaison, 99 Rue des Rosiers, and the smaller Marché Antica first on your right. Vernaison is a wonderful, winding market where you can find anything from furniture to beads, to missing parts from antique commodes, textiles, paintings, antique toys etc. It feels enormous and you can get lost wandering down the alleyways. If you’re looking for paintings and smaller objects, this is often the place to go. You will find economically priced country-style furniture here, as well as gems such as beautiful linens, paintings and decorative objects.” – Paris Perfect


Here’s the locations website

and here is the page for maps on the stalls and how to get there:

“It is the oldest market, the one which initiated the present market formula. In 1918, its founder, Romain Jules Vernaison, for whom it was named, obtained the right on the grounds called ” the 22 arpents ” and organized its structure by building the first shacks destined to greet the rag-and-bone men and second hand merchants. Today its tortuous and picturesque layout remains, witness to the first steps of a now legendary place. It is the preferred natural setting for film directors who find here an atmosphere and a decor they do not need to create. Around the alleyways, over 300 professional merchants exhibit an unlimited variety of antiques, constantly renewed and for all tastes. The restaurant ” chez Louisette ” offers an old-fashioned atmosphere with traditional cuisine and musical entertainment.” – Marche Vernaison Website


Highly recommend making a stop here. Maybe take an uber back and bring an extra suitcase or leave some room in yours if you’re addicted to all things Midnight in Paris.

Best of luck treasure hunting!




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