Don’t Make Plans in Paris


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The summer is coming to an end as September is just two weeks away. I still have Parisian memories last year of walking along the Seine River, then getting lost in the side streets. Paris is a place near and dear to my heart. It’s an ultra romantic and historical location, filled with rich history and culture.


Sometimes as a tourist you want to see all the sites and go to all of the recommended restaurants and bars. But when I travel the best advice that I have learned is to also explore the city without any plan. Somedays I would just walk along the Seine and wonder where it would take me. There are times I would buy an icecream and suddenly I was in the corner of a parisian alleyway and had no idea how I got there.


image by peoniesandplaces













The best times are often not planned. So schedule in a day or two when going around a new site to just explore freely. You’ll find that cute little cafe that was not listed on Yelp, or that amazing vintage store that has no website. You’ll find your own little special part of town that no one knows about and create unexpected memories.

I can’t tell you where I was in these photos as I myself have no clue. Sometimes the best places are truly off the beaten path. It’s not just about not making in plans in Paris, don’t make plans on any trip you go. For then you will finally have an adventure on your own. Hope you are having a good weekend.



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