Palm Vaults: the place of pink dreams

Palm Vaults: the place of pink dreams

image by peoniesandplaces

Is Hackney cafe Palm Vaults worth all of the Instagram hype? Quick answer: not really. The other day I ventured to over photographed spot Palm Vaults to see if it was everything I dreamed of and more. While I walked along the the cobblestone road of pretty tacky shops, I finally landed at the cafe. It was unexpected to find it along the “rubbish” so to say. I wasn’t too hungry so I ordered their notorious banana bread and pink latte. Surprisingly the pink latte did taste really good, it did have a hint of beetroot though. The banana bread was tasty but I didn’t have much of an appetite. The place had a great aesthetic, and I loved all of the pink colors it had. From the plates, flowers, drinks, napkins, sauce, carafe, and cups.

image by peoniesandplaces

You can get the Instagram-worthy shot you crave but besides that the long trip to Hackney Central was not worth the small little spot. The town seemed quaint but I have just recently explored and currently am in  Hampstead Heath and enjoy this town a lot more. It has cozy british vibes written all over it.

You can get the banana bread with either peanut butter or yogurt.

To visit Palm Vaults take the tube or bus to Hackney Central.


image by peoniesandplaces
image by peoniesandplaces


Let me know what you think of Palm Vaults. Or recommend another place to visit in London.

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