facetune_23-02-2019-01-34-49I’m 30 year old woman living in the London, after making my way from New York City.  My blog was inspired by a few of my favorite things.  In May 2017 I was able to take a solo trip to London and Paris.  Both places I had been before but yearned to go back to. When traveling I was able to places on my own terms, and truly just felt like I was walking in my own dream.  Europe has always felt like a second home, maybe because of the history, old architecture or romanizing one does of things that are far from their grasp. Maybe I’m also just a bit of an Anglophile, maybe a lot of one. This time around I motivated myself enough to live back across the pond for awhile.  Explore more of the world, take short trips to places I’ve never been.  Right now you are seeing my collections of photography over the past few years, and also ones of the current moment.



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Rise and shine ✨💖 Still SO in love with this @abbottlyon handbag, I bring it everywhere. You can get yours personalized! I got my initials 💕 So happy it’s now a staple in my wardrobe xx ✨🥰 You can get yours with my code VP20 for a discount 🙌🏼✨ #gifted Today I’m feeling all sorts of emotions. Sometimes I feel like a failure, not good enough, not pretty enough, dumb.. etc. This is not a post asking for compliments, it’s sharing the reality that Instagram likes to hide. No one is perfect x 🌻 Today while I continue the last bits of all my assignments I will be day dreaming of my future trip to Verona this June. I was contact by the lovely @fleekretreats team who actually do a mini retreat about 30 minutes from there! The retreat focuses on slow-living to improve overall wellness and happiness (sign me up!) The first one coming up is June 20-23, SWIPE to see where it is, you will be mind blown. You’ll be staying in a villa, have yoga and cooking classes, wine tasting, posture health sessions and a private chef. If you want to learn more or book your stay check out @fleekretreats ✨🤩💕 Use my code FLEEKVIC so you can receive a goody bag upon arrival 🤗 (images provided by the fleek team) xx London in the spring is just magical ✨🥰🌷 Someone had a little too much fun at the fair yesterday. Or is there such thing? Honestly loved being hands free with my @greenowlbags [gifted] They have such cool colours ✨🍦🍭🎪


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