Give Me All The Headbands

Give Me All The Headbands

Hair accessories are now in trend and I am totally okay with it. I’ve always secretly loved headbands but my friends never liked when I wore them. Now I feel like I can join the crowd and wear what my heart desires. I was able to try on some amazing headbands from a company called Kezmay London:

image by peoniesandplaces

In this little outfit post I was wearing all Zara and Kezmay. Kezmay makes the jacket and headband, and Zara is everything else, including the red heels. Something else I’ve been into lately is hair clips and scrunchies. Too trendy? Not sure, but it really spices up my dull hair.

img_7101Let me know what you think? I guess style is your own personal preference.

Have a good one.