Like Literally

Like Literally

As a lady in her late twenties I find I easily get thrown into the “basic white girl” stereotype. Like, OMG I like fashion, photography, social media, flowers and brunch. Like, sue me, I DIE. But in all reality please stop all the judgement society (and men). I went to school for cinematography, so photography is pretty much another passion of mine. As someone whose been into anything visual or aesthetically pleasing my whole life, it would come to no surprise that I’ve always loved fashion and lifestyle as well. Fashion to me is a way of self expression, it has nothing to do with dressing for others. I can transform my confidence level from an 80% to a solid 99% with an outfit that makes me feel great. To that other 1%, lets be honest I ain’t ever feeling 100% perfect. If you are congrats!  And in regards to that brunch judgement, I genuinely am just hungover and in need of a bloody mary and a possible side of waffles. You shouldn’t think too much into that sort of thing.


But seriously going back to the whole social media, Instagram and influencer thing it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. What is the main reason for any human to take a picture? My first answer would to share it with others. As someone who studied the art of film, I felt that storytelling was always a visual thing. I wasn’t much of a writer (and still am not) hence all my grammatical errors and delay in postings. When I meet up with friends and I tell them about my experiences abroad I find myself drawing blanks as I can not find the words to identify with the feeling. The best way I can  give someone an idea of a feeling or a memory is a photograph or video.

So, thank god for social media. I don’t need to write down or discuss my stories for the most part. I can simply post a picture, and lately that’s been all I needed to do in order for others to see my vision, my world and the perspective I have on anything. The gist of this whole post is to nip the Instagram and social media haters in the bud. Our culture has been accustom to sharing our experiences with others, mainly to connect. It seems odd but we’re in a crazy time of loneliness yet constant sharing. I am not saying don’t go out and have a conversation or don’t make friends. Because believe me my favorite thing todo is share a great dialogue but I believe social media has just elevated the way we express ourselves on a larger scale. We all want to feel appreciated, understood and close-knit to the world. This is just one of the newer ways we do it.


London Calling

London Calling


Some of you might not be aware that I have been applying to many schools in London to get my Masters in Marketing.  I’ve received several acceptances and am excited I will soon be making my decision on which university to attend. From here on out my impossibly dream will become more tangible and real. I’ve been wanting to move to London since I can remember. I’m bit of an anglophile (as written in my “About Me” section) I’m not sure exactly what has always drawn me to London, but I think it’s always the unmentionables that make us fall in love with a place.

I could list the historical nature, old european architecture, swooning british accents, foreign food labels, easy travel between other countries, calming cloudy and rainy days as all reasons why I’ve fallen in love with London over my life. But there is something I can’t put down in words that just makes it feel like home. I’ve had a urning to keep returning and I don’t have the answer for everyone else. Not everyone feels like there is another location in the world that belongs to them, but I do.

I came to London. It had become the center of my world and I had worked hard to come to it. And I was lost. –V. S. Naipaul


I’m excited to take you on my journey to London this year. I’ll be really trying to post several times a week, if not at least one a day. I already post daily content on my Instagram   @peoniesandplaces so make sure you follow to see my posts and instastory’s. Eventually I’ll start writing about my favorites in London, recommendations for shopping in town, and even where my weekend travels take me.


I’m more of just a traveler but someone is attracted to and stimulated to aesthetically pleasing things and visual intrigued. That’s why I gravitate towards all things photography, fashion and lifestyle. They all have an importance in my heart. Once classes get rolling I’ll write some posts on marketing tips and tricks and how I’ve been growing my social media following. For now, the future is in process

 You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford. -Samuel Johnson


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