Palm Vaults: the place of pink dreams

Palm Vaults: the place of pink dreams

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Is Hackney cafe Palm Vaults worth all of the Instagram hype? Quick answer: not really. The other day I ventured to over photographed spot Palm Vaults to see if it was everything I dreamed of and more. While I walked along the the cobblestone road of pretty tacky shops, I finally landed at the cafe. It was unexpected to find it along the “rubbish” so to say. I wasn’t too hungry so I ordered their notorious banana bread and pink latte. Surprisingly the pink latte did taste really good, it did have a hint of beetroot though. The banana bread was tasty but I didn’t have much of an appetite. The place had a great aesthetic, and I loved all of the pink colors it had. From the plates, flowers, drinks, napkins, sauce, carafe, and cups.

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You can get the Instagram-worthy shot you crave but besides that the long trip to Hackney Central was not worth the small little spot. The town seemed quaint but I have just recently explored and currently am in  Hampstead Heath and enjoy this town a lot more. It has cozy british vibes written all over it.

You can get the banana bread with either peanut butter or yogurt.

To visit Palm Vaults take the tube or bus to Hackney Central.


image by peoniesandplaces
image by peoniesandplaces


Let me know what you think of Palm Vaults. Or recommend another place to visit in London.

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Cafe Naturellement

Cafe Naturellement



Over a year and a half ago I went to Paris by myself. It was the middle of spring, the flowers were in bloom and the weather was gorgeous. I had arrived in Paris from St. Pancras train station, overwhelmed with no idea where to go, where to start my small parisian journey. I googled healthy restaurants in the area as I had ate my weight in London. Cafe Naturellement popped up, and after looking at the photos I found I had made my decision togo there.

To set the mood the photo below is what Paris was like that night.

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I realized when I got there that I barely knew any french. When I looked at the menu I was in shock. How could I understand what to order? The waiter arrived to my table and asked me what I wanted. Quickly he knew I was a little bit confused. I asked him if there was any cheese plates (I mean come on, I just arrived in Paris, I need a taste of all the amazing delectable cheeses) He laughed and said he could put together something. When he asked me what I wanted to drink I said whatever you recommend.

I believe that’s a little bit of mustard and pear slice on the side.

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Five minutes later he came back with a plate of cheese and three different bottles of wine. He literally went off the menu and gave me my own wine and cheese tasting. It was such an fantastic and memorable experience, one I’ll never forget. After the cheese dish I needed something light and refreshing so I ordered the raw fish dish. The course was layered with bits of cucumber, radish, beans and herbs.

The best bottle of red wine I’ve ever had was the “Vin de France”. Highly recommend it if you can find it.

For dessert I ordered the pot of chocolate mousse that was perfection. It was scrumptious and a great way to begin my parian experience.


To get a taste of it yourself:

Cafe Naturellement:

33 Bis Rue Mademoiselle, 75015 Paris, France
TEL: +33 1 73 73 23 69


Enjoy xx


London Calling

London Calling


Some of you might not be aware that I have been applying to many schools in London to get my Masters in Marketing.  I’ve received several acceptances and am excited I will soon be making my decision on which university to attend. From here on out my impossibly dream will become more tangible and real. I’ve been wanting to move to London since I can remember. I’m bit of an anglophile (as written in my “About Me” section) I’m not sure exactly what has always drawn me to London, but I think it’s always the unmentionables that make us fall in love with a place.

I could list the historical nature, old european architecture, swooning british accents, foreign food labels, easy travel between other countries, calming cloudy and rainy days as all reasons why I’ve fallen in love with London over my life. But there is something I can’t put down in words that just makes it feel like home. I’ve had a urning to keep returning and I don’t have the answer for everyone else. Not everyone feels like there is another location in the world that belongs to them, but I do.

I came to London. It had become the center of my world and I had worked hard to come to it. And I was lost. –V. S. Naipaul


I’m excited to take you on my journey to London this year. I’ll be really trying to post several times a week, if not at least one a day. I already post daily content on my Instagram   @peoniesandplaces so make sure you follow to see my posts and instastory’s. Eventually I’ll start writing about my favorites in London, recommendations for shopping in town, and even where my weekend travels take me.


I’m more of just a traveler but someone is attracted to and stimulated to aesthetically pleasing things and visual intrigued. That’s why I gravitate towards all things photography, fashion and lifestyle. They all have an importance in my heart. Once classes get rolling I’ll write some posts on marketing tips and tricks and how I’ve been growing my social media following. For now, the future is in process

 You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford. -Samuel Johnson


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Le Perchoir

Le Perchoir

As the weekend comes to a close I really wish I was having a nite cap at Le Perchoir in Paris. ✨🖤 It’s an amazing rooftop bar that has several stories and a great view. You might recognize this place from the movie Midnight in Paris.

Featured in Time Out Magazine:

Paris at it’s heart.


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At the roots of Le Perchoir, there is a strong desire to reclaim Paris’ mythical rooftops and give Parisians a chance to live and enjoy special places in their city. For us – Le Perchoir’s crew – the first challenge was to transform the 400 meters-square rooftop of an industrial building in a nightlife venue. Our first rooftop bar has quickly attracted a young, creative audience, looking for new experiences. For us, it is also important to develop a lot of projects, through diverse collaborations and partnerships: exhibitions, concerts, pop-up restaurants, outdoor screenings…We want to gather and create surprises.

We then opened several other venues to meet with Parisians’ need for escape: the rooftop of Le Perchoir Marais, with a view on Paris and its most majestic monuments; Le Pavillon Puebla, at the heart of the historic Parc des Buttes Chaumont; and the exotic La Passerelle, quietly floating on the green banks of the Seine River.

The mission of Le Perchoir is to highlight our urban patrimony and to help revegetating the city through the conquest and layout of uncommon places in Paris. All the venues, although Parisian at heart, invite our guests to an exotic journey. Our music programming as well as the selection of tracks coming from all over the world made by Karl Plank from Radiooooo come from this spirit of travel.


This is a must visit for Paris.

Their website:


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Notre Dame

Notre Dame

If you’re in Paris and you have time today check out Notre-Dame. It’s so beautiful far away but close up I felt like this shot, very dizzy. Still lovely though, it’s very massive.

Everything about Paris is grandiose.


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